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German Castle Day 2021

Also this year we are planning with a lot of activations from various german castles on german castle day at may 1st.
We would be please if you give the german activators your support with calling in and get yourself some points for your award collection. Don´t miss to have a look on our complete award-program. All awards are free of charge and can be applied directly online.

73,11,good health COTA-Team-Germany
Announced activities:

WCA Ref.Cota-RefCallDOK/OVBemerkung
DL-00378  MVB-182DL1SWB/pV2820m/40m SSB, eventl. auch 80m
DL-00487NSB-042DH1OH1020m/40m/80m SSB, 2m/70cm FM, QO-100 SSB
DL-00488NSB-043DH1OH1020m/40m/80m SSB, 2m/70cm FM, QO-100 SSB
DL-01313THB-019DL0RUDX2440m/80m SSB, 2m/70cm FM
DL-01443THB-149DL0RUDX2440m/80m SSB, 2m/70cm FM
DL-01961WSB-016DF5DYO3020m/40m/80m SSB
DL-02044WSB-099DF5DYO3020m/40m/80m SSB
DL-02340BOB-006DA0WCAWCA20m/40m CW,SSB
DL-04516KAB-128DK1FE/pG2220m/30m/40m/60m/80m SSB, CW - 07:00 - 12:00 UTC
DL-04516KAB-128DF8KY/pG2220m/30m/40m/60m/80m SSB, CW - 07:00 - 12:00 UTC
DL-04518KAB-130DK1FE/pG2220m/30m/40m/60m/80m SSB, CW - 07:00 - 12:00 UTC
DL-04518KAB-130DF8KY/pG2220m/30m/40m/60m/80m SSB, CW - 07:00 - 12:00 UTC


Since 14.february we are hosted on the new WINQSL-server. Information download should work now faster. Thanks to everybody who supported.

COTA-Hunter 2021 – Activator 2021

Also in 2021 we have a yearly COTA-Hunter and COTA-Activator award-class. The logsearch for this award is available on our COTA-logsearch-server. All bands modes are valid. If you want a point for the COTA-activator, minimum 50 contacts needs to be made from that german castle.

According to the generally situation in 2020 also the number of COTA-contacts was going down almost 20% against the year before.

Also the number of activated castles in germany was with 826 exactly 100 lower than 2019.

90% of the contacts were done on shortwave.

Mailing-list cota-activities

As yahoogroups becomes less popular and reduces funtionalities we created a new mailing-list at auf dem absteigenden Ast ist, wurde eine neue Mailing-Liste bei group.

Cota-activations is for announcements of coming WCA-activities.

Participation is easy, just enter in the right widget your e-mail-adress and push the subscribe-button. You will receive a confirmation-message from and in the future you are able to announce your coming activations.

73,11, COTA-Team-Germany

World Castle Weekend 2020

As WCA has the 10year jubilee in 2020 the world-castle-weekend was extended to the period of 11.-21.june 2019. To improve also the number of activities from german castle COTA-team-germany offers the WCW-activator-award 2019. A minimum of 3 different castle locations in germany needs to be activated with a minimum of 50 contacts each, so altogether 150 contacts (of course more would be fine). The award can be applied by sending a list of the 3 different german castle locations to the log-address. Also the logs needs to be delivered as ADI-file.
73,11, COTA-Team-Germany

German Castle Day 2020

German Castle Day 2020 is over.

Conditions were not so good, however we already received a lot of incoming logs. So thanks to all activators and of course special thanks to those who worked the castle-stations. Below you find the actually received logs. However just directly after this event we want to remind for the world-castle-weekend 2020. This year extended to fully 11 days, which reminds on 11 years World Castle Award program and the special founded “11” which reminds castle activators on two towers.

Again we will bring out also a special-WCW-activator-award for those who are active from a german castle in this time-period and send us the log.

73,11,good health COTA-Team-Germany

DR10WCA wrap-up

After one year activity with DR10WCA the final-result was very nice. 6898 contacts from altogether 62 different castles could be realized. QSOs included also 3500 DLFF-contacts from 7 different references. Many thanks to all who worked, heard and spotted us and of course to the operators. A small statistic can be found here.

Happy BirthDay (WCA HBD)

WCA-team invites for the 11th Happy Birthday Castle Day on 11. and 12.january 2020.–

On January, 12th will ten years exactly since the date of World Castles Award Program foundation.
In connection with this event, traditionally, on the full second weekend of January, in 2020 – on January 11 and 12, will take place activity radiohams from castles and fortresses of the world – WCA Happy BirthDay (WCA HBD).
We invite you to participate. Hope to contact you on the air!

map-module update 12/2019

The new version of map-module was designed to update more frequently the displayed statistics. Currently we are updating all received logs on a weekly basis, next step will be after some testings to update it daily.
There are two different views from the map. Standard-view displays all contacts which are valid for the standard COTA-award in the second-view you see the contacts which are done for the German Castle Award Furthermore also the german WCA-list will created directly in the map-module, so no delay if changes happens, the directly will be displayed. System was also improved in speed and runs now much faster. Thanks to Christoph DD5SV for his excellent job.