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WCA Happy Birthday

In memory of the founding of the World Castle Award program at january 14, 2009 also this year the WCA-group invites participants all over the world to take part on the Happy Birthday Castle Weekend at 14./15.january 2017.

Happy birthday WCA !
from COTA-Team-Germany

wca-hbd-1At 16./ january WCA-team invites the 6th time amateurs worldwide to do portable-actities from castles to celebrate the 6th birthday from WCA-team. Congrats from our side and we would be very happy if a lot of people participate and send us your logs. We will forward them of course also to WCA-database. 73, 11

World-Castle-Weekend 2015

Thanks to all participants on the WCW-weekend. Your received logs will be processed and uploaded to the databases. All stations which send us an activation-log of minimum of 50 contacts during the weekend from a german castle, will get the special-edition of the COTA-Activator-Award as PDF. If you activate several castles please one log per WCA-number. Please your log via mail to following address. Your certificate will be sent out by Karl DL1JKK.
73, Manfred DF6EX

WCA-Logsearch-1000000 QSO

wca_5yearsAfter claiming the 250000 contact-border in june 2012, meanwhile the WCA-logsearch has reached the magic one million border. A lot of activators could be convinced to send their logs for uploads. Congratulations to the WCA-team, especially to our member Jirka OK5NN, who realized the frontend for the uploads. Electronic logs are the future as shown with DCL and LOTW. QSL-cards however are still alive and very attractive, however please honor also the WCA-hunters with electronic point for your activation. If you have any further castle-logs you can send via mail, they will be uploaded to WCA-logsearch and if activity was from a german castle also to COTA-logsearch.

Castle-Weekend 18./19.01.

Next weekend for the fifth time the happy-birthday castle-weekend happens. All Logs which we receive will be put into the WCA-database as well in the new COTA-database for the COTA-award !

HBD-Castle-Weekend 2013

Four WCA-Happy Birth Day 2013!
– On January, 14th will be four years sharp since the date of World Castles Award Program foundation.
In connection with this event on January, 19th and 20th, will take place activity radiohams from castles and fortresses of the world – WCA Happy Birth Day (WCA HBD).
At present we have support from radiohams of some countries who will be active from castles and fortresses their own countries during these days:
Announced activities:
RZ1CWC/1 UA-00195
SP9YFF/9 SP-00496
EA8ADL/p EA-06076
DR11COTA DL-01495
DP7COTA DL-02834
DP7COTA DL-02335

new release WCA-logsearch

Our member Jirka OK5NN has the WCA-logsearch updated at
With the powerful additions it´s now possible to sort either by WCA-number or by the local country castle-number. Just select the search-order you want. Additionally you can download the complete found result as CSV-file and use it for example in open office. Thanks Jirka for this great improvements.


The WCA-online-QSO-database just reached the 250000 entries, congrats. Congrats also to our team-member Jirka OK5NN who made the technical improvements possible. For more and more awards you can make your application online. Share your logs with us. Just send your log from earlier castle-activations as ADIF-file via mail to and your logs will be included as well. Just during and after the castle-day at may 01, we put 32000 QSOs from castleday and fixed german stations in the system. Thank you.

rule-change in WCA-award

Following point was added: see orginal rules at:
Point 8. For WCA activators any activated object is valid for all awards of WCA series (WCA-50, WCA-100 etc) on conditions that made not less than 50 QSO. In this case in application for the award need to mark activated objects.