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COTA-Castles on the Air

The COTA-Award is available in steps by 25 different worked COTA-objects.
Only contacts which are included in the COTA-database count for this award-program.

Check your score at:

If the needed number of contacts was reached, just click at the application-link und you will get your award (or awards if more reached) via E-Mail.

If you was working from german castles portable in the past since 1995 and your contacts are not included in the database, please just send us your logs in ADIF-file-format that your contacts
can be counted also for the COTA-award-series.
Send your log to Manfred DF6EX

cota_hunter_25Award for 25 confirmed references shows
Castle Weissenstein
DL-02346 BOB-012
coordinates: 49.913889, 12.083056
Tnx photo Manfred DF6EX
cota_hunter_50Award for 50 confirmed references shows
Castle Moritzburg
DL-01123 SAX-017
coordinates: 51.167222, 13.679444
Tnx photo Gerhard DL5AWI
cota_hunter_75Award for 75 confirmed references shows
Castle Zwernitz
DL-03129 FBN-301
coordinates: 49.983514, 11.315469
Tnx photo Manfred DF6EX
cota_hunter_100Award for 100 confirmed references shows
Castle Wartburg
DL-01295 THB-001
coordinates: 50.966111, 10.306422
Tnx photo Michael DO7WM
cota_hunter_125Award for 125 confirmed references shows
Castle Kasselburg
DL-01064 RPB-385
coordinates: 50.239167, 6.685278
Tnx photo Dieter DK5PZ
cota_hunter_150Award for 150 confirmed references shows
Schloss Königs Wusterhausen
DL-04115 BRB-120
coordinates: 52.2983, 13.625
Tnx photo Martin DL7UMW
cota_hunter_175Award for 175 confirmed references shows
Schloss Wörlitz
DL-02290 SAB-159
coordinates: 51.8459, 12.4211
Tnx photo Martin DL7UMW
cota_hunter_200Award for 200 confirmed references shows
Schloss Neuschwanstein and Schloss Hohenschwangau
DL-02521 SWB-13038 / DL-02510 SWB-13027
coordinates: 47.5575, 10.7497 / 47.5556, 10.7363
Tnx photo Martin DF3MC
cota_hunter_225Award for 225 confirmed references shows
Haus Vorst DL-03511 NRB-119
coordinates: 51.089115, 7.020162
Tnx photo Stephan DE1VTM
cota_hunter_250Award for 250 confirmed references shows
Altes and Neues Schloss Dießfurt DL-04413 BOB-115 / DL-04414 BOB-116
coordinates: 49.733655, 11.971938
Tnx photo Manfred DF6EX
cota_hunter_275Award for 275 confirmed references shows
Burg Eibach
DL-03522 KAB-006
coordinates: 50.748786, 8.326171
Tnx photo Ingo DH0KAA
cota_hunter_300Award for 300 confirmed references shows
Marksburg Braubach
DL-00961 RPB-282
coordinates: 50.272097, 7.649367
Tnx photo Stephan DE1VTM
cota_hunter_325Award for 325 confirmed references shows
Burg Eltz
DL-00899 RPB-220
coordinates: 50.205199, 7.336515
Tnx photo Ingo DH0KAA
cota_hunter_350Award for 350 confirmed references shows
Schloss Hubertushöhe
DL-04080 BRB-085
coordinates: 52.234442, 13.967370
Tnx photo Jürgen DL2RUF
cota_hunter_375Award for 375 confirmed references shows
Burgruine Wachtenburg
DL-00716 BRB-037
coordinates: 49.436206, 8.172620
Tnx photo Udo DG6PW
cota_hunter_400Award for 400 confirmed references shows
Burg Hohenberg
DL-03142 FBN-314
coordinates: 50.097141, 12.224238
Tnx photo Manfred DF6EX
cota425Award for 425 confirmed references shows
Schloss Elgersburg
DL-01379 THB-085
coordinates: 50.703947, 10.851670
Tnx photo Jürgen DL2RUF
cota450Award for 450 confirmed references shows
Burgruine Waldeck
DL-02345 BOB-011
coordinates: 49.858291, 11.947825
Tnx photo Manfred DF6EX
cota475Diplomklasse für 475 confirmed references shows
Schloss Falkenlust
DL-04375 KAB-068
coordinates: 50.828352, 6.908008
Tnx photo Ingo DH0KAA
cota500Award for 500 confirmed references shows
Neues Schloss Eremitage
DL-03151 FBN-323
coordinates: 49.948197, 11.623548
Tnx photo Manfred DF6EX
cota525Award for 525 confirmed references shows
Kaiserpfalz Goslar
DL-04271 NSB-131
coordinates: 51.902978, 10.425433
Tnx photo Bernd DO1DAN

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