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Merry christmas and a happy and successful new year to all of you.

Actually we handed out more than 2000 COTA-awards.
The special 2017-edition additionally around 200 times.
Thanks to all who helped to make COTA so popular.

73,11, COTA-Team-Germany

Castle Day at may 01.

Propagations were not so well on may01 at castle-day however there was a big number of participants. Up today we received 180 logs. So many thanks to all who help to organize the event, special thanks of course to the castle-activators and castle-hunters.
All received logs will be published in the COTA and the WCA-database.
All stations from which we received the logs are listed here.
Cuagn on World Castle Weekend at 17./18.june 2017

German Castle Day 2017

Also this year the German Castle Day will be at may 01.2017.
All hams are invited to take part and bring german castles in the air.
Also for hunters it´s a good possibility to work a lot of german castles and increase your score for several awards.
We will inform you here also with the growing list of announced activities.
Currently announced activities for the castle-day


Process of the migration on the COTA-map-module continues. We are going forward to update all german COTA-objects with the correct spelling. In the future there is planned to have the master-file on the COTA-server directly connected with the QSO-database and the map-view which means that directly after uploading the log after nightrun also the map-module appears updated. This will open a much better and effective statistic-behaviour.

new coordinator district V

Starting january 01, 2017, Andreas DL6AP will take over the COTA-coordination for DARC-district V Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Welcome in the Team Andreas, thanks to Rudi DK7OM who did this work

yearly COTA-award-program

DARC-Ortsverband Stiftland U23 together with COTA-Team-Germany releases the annual COTA-award program, accepted by DARC. It consists by Annual COTA-Hunter and Annual COTA-Activator. For the Annual-COTA-Hunter you have to work 50 german castles within a calendar-year. Further award-classes available for 100/150/etc. annual_cota50_web For the Annual-COTA-Activator you have to activate 10 different german castles within a calendar-year with minumum 50 contacts done from each (can be fullfilled within several activities. Further award-classes are available for 20/30/etc. The logs therefor needs to be sent in ADIF-format to Manfred DF6EX
Both awards are free of charge and will be delivered via mail in PDF-format. Many thanks for the adaptions on the database to Friedrich DL4BBH.
This will give in the future a higher focus on objects which were active maybe only one time. With the reactivation also the hunters who missed first activity will get a second chance and will improve also their score for the normal COTA-award program. A happy new year 2017 with good health and cu on the bands. 73, 11, Manfred DF6EX OVV U23

Altogether 1119 uploads during the year

Altogether 1119 log-files were uploaded for 397 different callsigns during the year 2016. The COTA-database includes actually nearly 600000 contacts. Thanks to Karl DL1JKK, who made the uploads 2 times, one for COTA, one for WCA. Our COTA-award meanwhile was issued 1341 times, the highest issued class currently is the COTA-675.
With these nearly 600000 contacts of course we could also support the international WCA-award-program.
Thanks for the support and a happy new year 2017 from COTA-Team-Germany !

Merry christmas


We wish you all merry christmas
and a happy and peaceful new year 2017.
Enjoy the silent days with your family.

73, 11

Rolf DF2OU silent key

Our district-coordinator Rolf DF2OU became a silent key in august. Thanks for your support Rolf, you will always be remembered with great respect.