how WCA-numbers in germany will be issued

If it´s required to issue new WCA-numbers in germany, this will be done by the WCA-commitee which consists by several COTA-coordinators and Co-coordinators which are available under this collection-mail-address. New numbers will be issued two times a year (in april and august) were one filled out form per WCA-number is required which needs to be sent to the above mail-address. The resulting updated listing will be forwarded to the international WCA-group.
New castles have to look back to a history of 19th century or earlier.
Rest of castles needs to be existing in a minimum condition which will be decided specifically with each application.
The WCA-commitee issues the WCA-number and forward it to the district-coordinator. He decides if he puts the object also in the national listing and issues a german COTA-number. If no COTA-number will be given, the object still remains under the WCA-number in the WCA-listing and gets as national identifier for example just BOB- (detect the district were the object is located)