1 year COTA-award


At 14.01.2014 the COTA-award was officially approved by the DARC-award-commitee. Nearly exactly one year later the COTA-hunter-award nr. 200 has been issued to Franz DL1BFR. Congrats to all award-holders. Beside the 200 COTA-hunter-awards also nearly 50 COTA-activator awards and 10 COTA-SWL-awards were sent out.

merry christmas and a happy new year


Just before the end of the year with the log of DL50LINDAU we could crack the 250000 QSO-level in the COTA-database. Also the COTA-award is short before the 200th issued award. Only the entry class COTA25 has been issued more than 100 times. All activators and hunters a merry christmas and a happy and successful new year 2015, especially good health. 73,11 from COTA-Team-Germany


DA0WCA-QSL-backlog cleared

da0wca_backlog_clearedWith the latest delivery of QSL-cards to the DARC-QSL-buro all cards for the roundabout 1300 contacts of DA0WCA has left. Again many thanks for the contacts with Schloss Fockenfeld DL-02348, Schloss Fuchsmühl DL-04225, Burg Hohenberg DL-03142, Schloss Riglasreuth DL-04233, Schloss Schwarzenfeld DL-04331, Burg Prunn DL-02831, Schloss Hardeck DL-02808, Schloss Ilsenbach and Schloss Puechersreuth DL-02832+DL-04419. All contacts with the special-DOK WCA were uploaded in COTA and WCA-database as well into the DCL-logbook from DARC and the Logbook of the World LOTW. The picture on the cards shows DL-03142 Burg Hohenberg in Nature-Park Fichtelgebirge DLFF-058.

BOB-040 DL-02831

dl02831_webFor castle-day 2014 we selected two castles in the nature-park Altmühltal. First stop was about 5 kilometer before Riedenburg were the Castle Prunn resides on a rock above the Main-Donau-channel. With the call DA0WCA we worked 140 stations during the morning. All contacts were already uploaded in the database-systems from WWFF/DLFF/COTA/WCA. All stations will receive a QSL-card with special-DOK WCA via the buro. Many thanks for the contacts.

SAB-196 DL-02327

Castle-activity 01.May 2014 -Castle Ostrau SAB 196- DL 02327
Alice (DM7EA) and Gert (DM7MA) were active at castle-day from the Castle of Ostrau WCA-DL-02327.
It´s a baroque castle in the town Ostrau near Halle (Saale). In early 18th century it was built in baroque style on the fundament of an old castle of the middle age. Today it´s one of the most important baroque buildings in Saxony-Anhalt.
A 2km long loop-road around the castle keeps you along of moats and ponds. Currently the castle is the home of a basic-school, a youth-club and a culture society of the town.