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Cota-Activator 15 only in FM

Bernd DO1DAN has reached the Cota-Activator 15 in FM only. Great success to get the 50 required contacts from each of the 15 objects.

1000. COTA-award released

After 2,5 years COTA-award at july 17. we could hand out the COTA-award nr. 1000 to Lutz DL8MLD, congrats to all owners. Of course special thanks to all log-submitter who made this success possible.
Also the award program will be soon extended as the currently highest class COTA-525 was already reached by two applicants Xaver DK4RM and Artur SP8LEP


oe4cotaCOTA-OE starts with their own award-program. Awards are available in four different classes.At the first WWFF-Cota-meeting at 06.-07.august at castle Güssing, they will be active with the special-call OE4COTA (QSL via OE4VIE) from WCA OE-00005.

Fort VI in cologne DL-04924 at 05.06.

DL-04924Ingo DH0KAA will be active at 05.06. during the Day of fort 05.06. in Köln the fortress Fort VI (Äusserer Festungsgürtel) WCA DL-04924 KAB-428

cota-award 800 + 900

For the german castle day 2016 we received up today 180 activity-logs. Certificates for the participants were already sent out. Thanks for the great support to Karl DL1JKK. Of course also a big number of new COTA-awards could be issued. The COTA-award number 800 in total went to Albert S58AL. He applied together for COTA-25 up to COTA-375 in one application. COTA-award number 900 in total went to Hans-Joachim DL2BRN.
Congrats to all award-holders and special thanks to the activators for the steady growing number of logs. All received logs from castle day 2016 are listed here.

Day of the fortress 05.06. !

Expect on the day of fortress at june 05. several german stations to be active from different castle and fortifications.

DL-00683 Castle Brohl

DL0IL_Brohl_2015 DL0IL/p Fieldday activity from Brohl-Lützing:
runs from May 13th until 16th. Fieldday place is the same as every year. Visit our DARC / G11 webpage here: Fieldday Brohl-Lützing
Location is valid for World Castle Award (WCA) and Castle on the air program (COTA).
Burg Brohleck References: WCA/DL-00683 / COTA RPB-004. QTH locator: JO30pl
630 meter activity: on this year Fieldday we want to be on air on 472 KHz in CW – JT9 and QRSS.

Hope to see you all down the logs.

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