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COTA-Annual-Activator 100 issued

The Annual COTA award program has extremely pushed the COTA-activations in 2017. As first station in 2017, Peter DJ2OS reached the 100 activations from different COTA-objects. Congratulations for this extraordinary efforts.

sending from logs for german castle-activities

If you made an activity from a german castle please send your log to the new mail-address:
We will make the uploads for the COTA-award-program and the WCA-award-program on a weekly basis.

  • Please be sure that your log will be in a specified format, containing reference-number, callsign and probably activity-period, for example
  • If you make activations from several objects at once please send separate logs for each.
  • Logs please only in ADIF-format.

73, 11, COTA-Team Germany

hot race at the top-scorers

A hot race at the peak of the COTA-hunters. Uwe DL2ND and Arthur SP8LEP meanwhile both reached the COTA-1000 level. Congrats to both successful hunter and special thanks to all activators made this high mark possible at all.

2nd international COTA- and WWFF-meeting in austria

From june 24 till 25 the amateur-radio-club Heidenreichstein held the second international COTA- and WWFF-meeting in austria. Hams from HB9, I, DL and OE activated the nature-park OEFF-0015 with the special-call OE3WWFF and one day later the castle Heidenreichstein OE-00089 under OE3COTA.

World Castle Weekend 2017

At june 17 and 18 the WCAG-Team invites for the 8th time to the World Castle Weekend all participants to produce activities from castles in the world.
COTA Team Germany honors all participants who make an activity from a german castle and generate a minimum of 50 contacts with a special edition from the german COTA-award.
Please send ADI-log with the german reference number via mail and you will get automatically the award via mail.
Good luck for all hunters and activators. More details about the event can be found on the WCA-homepage.

Castle Day at may 01.

Propagations were not so well on may01 at castle-day however there was a big number of participants. Up today we received 180 logs. So many thanks to all who help to organize the event, special thanks of course to the castle-activators and castle-hunters.
All received logs will be published in the COTA and the WCA-database.
All stations from which we received the logs are listed here.
Cuagn on World Castle Weekend at 17./18.june 2017

COTA-Activator-Award 100

The first activator reached the 100 activated different castles in Germany. Congratulations to DL2RUF.
Go ahead Jürgen for the next steps !

German Castle Day 2017

Also this year the German Castle Day will be at may 01.2017.
All hams are invited to take part and bring german castles in the air.
Also for hunters it´s a good possibility to work a lot of german castles and increase your score for several awards.
We will inform you here also with the growing list of announced activities.
Currently announced activities for the castle-day

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