BOB-066 DL-04233

dl04233webOn april 12 made the activation from the Castle of Riglasreuth DL-04233. Beside the castle-counter it´s also located in DLFF-058. There was DA0WCA used for SSB-contacts and DA0CW/p for CW-contacts. After about 2,5 hours of operating-time 266 contacts could be finished. All contacts are already in electronic database of COTA/WCA and WWFF. Thank you for the QSOs. QSL-card will follow automatically via the buro.

THB-205 DL-01499

dl01499 For march 15 Klaus DL1ASF/p planned the activation from Castle Obernitz near the town of Saalfeld. After the previous nice days however this day was very overcasted with some rain. So activation needed to be done from the car. In 2 hours 122 stations were logged. QSOs are already uploaded to WCA and COTA-database.

BOB-034 DL-02825

dl02825resize For the HBD-castle-weekend at 18./19.jan2014 after a short activity on saturday from my home-castle Falkenberg DL-02335, we started on sunday for the second outdoor activity in this year. At acceptable 6 degrees we were active from the Castle of Wildenreuth DL-02825 for the first time. In a bit less than two hours 155 stations could be worked. All logs were posted already to WWFF, WCA and COTA-database. QSL-cards are out via the buro for altogether around 260 contacts.

WCA-Logsearch-1000000 QSO

wca_5yearsAfter claiming the 250000 contact-border in june 2012, meanwhile the WCA-logsearch has reached the magic one million border. A lot of activators could be convinced to send their logs for uploads. Congratulations to the WCA-team, especially to our member Jirka OK5NN, who realized the frontend for the uploads. Electronic logs are the future as shown with DCL and LOTW. QSL-cards however are still alive and very attractive, however please honor also the WCA-hunters with electronic point for your activation. If you have any further castle-logs you can send via mail, they will be uploaded to WCA-logsearch and if activity was from a german castle also to COTA-logsearch.


cota_activator_5Together with DARC-Ortsverband Stiftland COTA-Team-Germany invents the new COTA-activator award, acknowledged by DARC. The award is available in steps of 5 (10/15…) activated german castles. Each award class shows a different colour-motive from another german-castle. You need to make minimum of 50 contacts from each object. These can be done also in several activations on several days. For applying just send a list (ie Excel-sheet) with the DL-reference-numbers you´ve activated and the numbers of contacts you reached from each to Gerhard DL5AWI. The award comes as PDF and is free of charge.