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Annual COTA-award

sample_annual_awardPlanned for start at 01.january we intend to establish a yearly COTA-award. The standard-COTA-award became very successful with more than 1200 issued awards till today. A lot of people however have their main-focus to activate a new castle. With the annual COTA-award we try to promote re-activations of castles as at 01.january each year everybody starts with 0. It´s planned to bring up a hunter-class for 50, 100 etc. worked castles plus an activator-class for 10,20 etc. activated castles. Start will be at january, 01 2017.
Beside this of course the standard COTA-award still continues as it is.

WCA DL-00249 + DL-03443 DM200PZL

opharryAt the day of open memorials on september, 11 special-call DM200PZL was active from inside the church of Penzlin, activating the two WCA-references DL-00249 and DL-03443. Pictures shows the wire-setup on the church and operator Harry on the station inside.

DL-03425 on the island of Öhe

20160920_insel_oehe_3Markus DK5AX and Ronny DM2RM were active at september, 20th from DL-03425. The location was on the island of Öhe, between Rügen and Hiddensee, which has also a german island-number O-19. Since 20 years there was no activity from there, as it is in private ownership. Around 130 contacts were made under DK5AX/p and DM2RM/p. A longer article in german can be found here.

DL0HWI activated 5 references

dl8mhw_dl3sxw_dl0hwiAt august 27, DL0HWI was active with the team DC4BWS,DL3SXW,DL5SUA,DE2HEB and DL8MHW from treferences DL-00259,DL-03374,DL-03373,DL-03382,DL-03381.

Altogether 115 stations made it into the log. Beside ham-radio also a lot of visitors were interested on the activity. The picture shows Manfred DL8MHW and Werner DL3SXW on the CW-station.

Rolf DF2OU silent key

Our district-coordinator Rolf DF2OU became a silent key in august. Thanks for your support Rolf, you will always be remembered with great respect.

Cota-Activator 15 only in FM

Bernd DO1DAN has reached the Cota-Activator 15 in FM only. Great success to get the 50 required contacts from each of the 15 objects.

1000. COTA-award released

After 2,5 years COTA-award at july 17. we could hand out the COTA-award nr. 1000 to Lutz DL8MLD, congrats to all owners. Of course special thanks to all log-submitter who made this success possible.
Also the award program will be soon extended as the currently highest class COTA-525 was already reached by two applicants Xaver DK4RM and Artur SP8LEP


oe4cotaCOTA-OE starts with their own award-program. Awards are available in four different classes.At the first WWFF-Cota-meeting at 06.-07.august at castle Güssing, they will be active with the special-call OE4COTA (QSL via OE4VIE) from WCA OE-00005.

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