German Castle Day 2021

Also this year we are planning with a lot of activations from various german castles on german castle day at may 1st.
We would be please if you give the german activators your support with calling in and get yourself some points for your award collection. Don´t miss to have a look on our complete award-program. All awards are free of charge and can be applied directly online.

73,11,good health COTA-Team-Germany
Announced activities:

WCA Ref.Cota-RefCallDOK/OVBemerkung
DL-00378  MVB-182DL1SWB/pV2820m/40m SSB, eventl. auch 80m
DL-00487NSB-042DH1OH1020m/40m/80m SSB, 2m/70cm FM, QO-100 SSB
DL-00488NSB-043DH1OH1020m/40m/80m SSB, 2m/70cm FM, QO-100 SSB
DL-01313THB-019DL0RUDX2440m/80m SSB, 2m/70cm FM
DL-01443THB-149DL0RUDX2440m/80m SSB, 2m/70cm FM
DL-01961WSB-016DF5DYO3020m/40m/80m SSB
DL-02044WSB-099DF5DYO3020m/40m/80m SSB
DL-02340BOB-006DA0WCAWCA20m/40m CW,SSB
DL-04516KAB-128DK1FE/pG2220m/30m/40m/60m/80m SSB, CW - 07:00 - 12:00 UTC
DL-04516KAB-128DF8KY/pG2220m/30m/40m/60m/80m SSB, CW - 07:00 - 12:00 UTC
DL-04518KAB-130DK1FE/pG2220m/30m/40m/60m/80m SSB, CW - 07:00 - 12:00 UTC
DL-04518KAB-130DF8KY/pG2220m/30m/40m/60m/80m SSB, CW - 07:00 - 12:00 UTC

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