German Castle Award

WCA-program has the 10year anniversary in 2019. To commemorate this birthday and bring further activities on the bands with portable activations from german castles, the DARC-OV-Stiftland in association with COTA-Team-Germany hand out the new award program “German Castle Award”. There will be a new logsearch-functionality at where you can apply for this new award. Valid are contacts with german castles starting 01.january 2019 and later. The award will be available in steps by 100 worked german WCA-numbers. There are only contacts on the shortwave-bands (10-160 meter) valid.


COTA-activities raised extremely during the past years. Meanwhile however we receive also a growing number of problem-logs which means uncomplete (missing time) not logical content. We will take care more about this in the future and will investigate more time into cross-checking which can probably also result in a deletion of a log when not clarified.

World Castle Weekend 2018

At june 16 and 17 the WCAG-Team invites for the 9th time to the World Castle Weekend all participants to produce activities from castles in the world.
COTA Team Germany honors all participants who make an activity from a german castle and generate a minimum of 50 contacts with a special edition from the german COTA-award.
Please send ADI-log with the german reference number via mail and you will get automatically the award via mail.
Good luck for all hunters and activators. More details about the event can be found on the WCA-homepage.

announced activities castle-day at may01

Altogether 9200 contacts in 120 logs were sent to us for the castle-day at may 01. All logs are already uploaded and the -awards for activators from the german castles were sent out. Thanks to all participants.

planned changes in map-module

In near future we change the limits for the green castles in the cota-map-module for minimum 250 contacts required. Yellow castle will appear when minimum 100 contacts are in database.

COTA-Hunter 2018 – COTA-Activator 2018

In 2017 COTA-Team-Germany invented together with DARC-OV-Stiftland the Annual COTA 2017 award program. The goal was to bring WCA-references in germany which were probably only active once, back on the bands. Up till today we could issue the COTA-annual-hunter 2017 altogether 175 times and the COTA-annual-activator 2017 about 40 times. There were altogether 300 german references which could be reactivated during past year again. Beside this another 500 were active for the first time which resulted in 1815 activation-logs in total, about 20 percent more than the year before. Round 140000 QSO-points could be added into the COTA-logsearch database which has meanwhile around 750000 contacts included. (We load all contacts also in the international WCA-database) Also the standard COTA-award-program is very popular. We reached the 2200 awards from the normal COTA-hunter-award. So thanks to all, who made this success possible, Hunter, Activator, Award-Manager and thanks to those who offered the nice pictures for the awards.
So 01.01. will be the new start for the COTA-Annual-Hunter 2018 and COTA-Annual-Activator 2018-award series.
We wish you a happy and successful new year and good luck with COTA-hunting.

Merry christmas and a happy and successful new year to all of you.

Actually we handed out more than 2000 COTA-awards.
The special 2017-edition additionally around 200 times.
Thanks to all who helped to make COTA so popular.

73,11, COTA-Team-Germany

sending from logs for german castle-activities

If you made an activity from a german castle please send your log to the new mail-address:
We will make the uploads for the COTA-award-program and the WCA-award-program on a weekly basis.

  • Please be sure that your log will be in a specified format, containing reference-number, callsign and probably activity-period, for example
  • If you make activations from several objects at once please send separate logs for each.
  • Logs please only in ADIF-format.

73, 11, COTA-Team Germany